Using Object Type module

Assuming that you have Client Factory instantiated (see How to Instantiate Client Factory) at client variable, in order to access methods relative to Object Type module you need to call create_api_object_type() at client.


ot_module = client.create_api_object_type()

For more information, please look GloboNetworkAPI documentation.


The List of fields available at Object Type module is:

  • id
  • name

Obtain List of Object Types through id’s

Here you need to call get() method at ot_module.

You can pass up to 5 parameters:
  • ids: List containing identifiers of Object Types.
  • include: Array containing fields to include on response.
  • exclude: Array containing fields to exclude on response.
  • fields: Array containing fields to override default fields.
  • kind: string where you can choose between “basic” or “details”.

The response will be a dict with a list of Object Types.


ots = ot_module.get(ids=[1, 2, 3])